The Dunn Family

The Dunn Family


Family Owned Since 1982 


It all started when…

Bill Dunn had a paper route as a young boy. Eventually some of his elderly customers began asking for help with lawn maintenance that they couldn’t handle themselves. He mowed their lawns and helped keep their yards in proper shape. Once he had his license, he began cutting and selling firewood and continued on with lawn maintenance.

Bill went on to work as a mechanic, but he kept up with some of his own jobs during evenings and weekends. Using his pick-up truck, he worked for a roofing company cleaning up roofing jobs. The company soon began sending more work his way, so he purchased his first dump truck. The truck was used and Bill worked to rebuild it all himself. Now with two trucks he was able to begin demo work. When winter came he decided to plow with his trucks, adding another branch in to what was soon to be known as William F. Dunn Landscaping & Contracting.

Word of mouth began to spread, and soon Bill had many different jobs, including ones like tree removal and railroad ties, coming his way. He purchased his own back-hoe, and after a lot of thought decided he truly wanted to work for himself solely. He plowed the winter with his machine and two trucks and soon enough it was spring.

By springtime word of mouth was growing, and Bill went on to grow his business. As he grew the business, he acquired new trucks to accommodate the expansion. Soon he married Theresa and they proved to be an excellent team. They rented spaces for the business but before long decided they needed something of their own. Theresa began the search for a commercial property, and that is when she discovered Groveland. Theresa saw Bill’s vision and wanted to help bring it to realization. They settled themselves and the business in Groveland and went on to have a family.

Bill and Theresa’s son, Patrick, took particular interest in the business from day one. He was infatuated with all the machines and trucks. He was always ready for a tractor ride. Patrick was around the shop as much as possible helping out as he grew up. He took great interest in assisting in all the work being done in the garage.

Patrick went to Whittier Tech for masonry work to help add to the family business. While in high school, he began the mowing division of Dunn Landscaping to have his own part of the company. He started with one used mower and grew from there.

Patrick lives for the before and after of each job. He loves seeing how he can create and change spaces completely into something new and beautiful. He loves that he is able to meet with customers one on one and have that personable interaction with each individual. He hopes to continue the legacy his parents began.

You’ll find Theresa in the office today, along with her dog Toby. Theresa loves all the personal connections she has made and continues to make there. Reflecting back, she realizes how many people they’ve connected with through Dunn Landscaping, and that is what continues to inspire her. Theresa is genuinely kind and sincere, making each customer service interaction a truly positive experience.

Bill continues to stay on the road of small business as he loves variety and a great challenge. He wanted to create his own destiny by growing a business from the ground up. Finding a vision and making it a reality is a huge drive for Bill. Most importantly, interacting with customers personally influences Bill to keep this family business thriving.

Together the Dunn’s make an excellent team. They continue to grow their workforce with likeminded people as they expand, and they strive to build a crew that is as family oriented as they are. This is the roots of Dunn Landscaping, allowing them to serve your family as one of their own.