Organic Fertilizer Program

Stop using chemicals that harm the environment and may pose a health risk to children and pets!

Neptunes HarvestWe are proud to offer a 100% ORGANIC FERTILIZER PROGRAM. Our program uses Neptune’s Harvest lawn fertilizer, an ODORLESS application that is made from all-natural fish and seaweed materials. Neptune’s Harvest is highly acclaimed by environmentalists and industry leaders, won’t burn plants or roots, isn’t harmful to children or pets who may play on your lawn, won’t pollute the environment, and OUTPERFORMS CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS!

This service is ONLY available through William F. Dunn Landscaping & Contracting Co. We’re proud to be the Preferred Installer for Nature’s Fish and Seaweed Fertilizers in the MA and Southern NH region.

A beautiful green lawn – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

We care about your lawn and guarantee you’ll be impressed with our choice of an environmentally-safe, 100% organic fertilizer. It is possible to have lush, green grass without chemicals of any kind. We’ve seen the proven results, and we guarantee you will too.

Receive 10% OFF your first organic fertilizer application

We sincerely care about the health of our environment, and want to see everyone choose safe, responsible fertilizers in lieu of harmful chemicals. As a result, we’re discounting this service, in addition to offering a money-back guarantee.

Please call today to learn more about this terrific program and get a free estimate.

Thank you for caring!

– Bill and Theresa Dunn