Caring For Your New Lawn


With any new lawn, it is important to establish and maintain a consistent watering program. We suggest the following:

  • MORNING: 15 minutes (approx 7:00 AM)
  • AFTERNOON: 15 minutes (approx 1:00 PM)
  • EVENING: 15 minutes (approx 6:00 PM)

Be careful not to over-water. You don’t want any puddling. Keep an eye on the weather and adjust your watering accordingly. If the weather includes some significant rain on a particular day, then cut back on watering that day to avoid oversaturating the soil.


Apply starter fertilizer when your lawn turns green. This usually occurs after about two weeks of seeding. Wait another month and apply straight lawn fertilizer. In the fall, apply a fall fertilizer and lime. DO NOT apply any kind of weed killer for full year, or at least until your new lawn has been mowed a minimum of five times.

Check out our 100% Organic Fertilization Program. It is environmentally-friendly, safe, odorless, and outperforms chemicals!


A healthy awn requires care. Water and feed your lawn as recommended above. When mowing, raise the lawnmower to its highest setting and mow only after your grass has reached five inches in height. Stay off of new grass for at least one month!


We guarantee the grass seed to germinate. Care and maintenance are the responsibility of the homeowner (but you can sign up for our Organic Fertilization Program to ensure your lawn thrives). We cannot be responsible for neglect, over-watering, or weather damage. If you are experiencing difficulty with your new lawn, or have questions about proper care, please CALL US RIGHT AWAY.


For information and tips on the proper ongoing care for your lawn in order to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn year-after-year, check out our additional LAWNCARE TIPS.